Service announcements to users of the system

Various people depend on for various services. Some have shell access, some read email via IMAPS, and yet others use it for mail redirection, mailing list services, or web or DNS hosting, or time sync, or IP sanitisation, and other things too. If you have any kind of dependency on, you should be on this list. If you choose to unsubscribe, or you don't keep your contact details up to date, and you get bitten by an outage that I'd warned the list about, I will get quite grumpy if you complain to me!

I will always try to make clear which teaparty subsystems are affected by any change, so you can skip emails that don't affect you.

Announcements are always gpg-signed. Contact me if you need a copy of my public key, although it can be found on all the major keyservers. If you get one of those emails that tells you "your teaparty account is in peril, go here to keep it open" or similar, and it's not from me and GPG-signed, ignore it, it's just phishing spam.

This list is primarily an announcement list. I don't think it's enabled for discussions, but let's not find out.

Finally, if it's at all possible, I prefer to have you subscribed at an address that's not teaparty-dependent. If you think about it, you'll see why!

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